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BMW M4 GTS Looks Amazing on V-FF 106 Vorsteiner Wheels

The never-ending love affair between the well-known Vorsteiner tuning company and BMW has led to impressive aftermarket programs, which can be admired on our BMW dedicated website.

Each BMW that comes with astonishing customizations from Vorsteiner tuner is unique and improves the car`s personality and adds greater aggressive looks. And perhaps, every time we see an amazing aftermarket BMW product, we can`t overlook its amazing wheels.

Just a couple of months back, the technicians from Vorsteiner tuning company started working on the below BMW M4 GTS, quite a rare sight in the tuning world. The result is what you get in the media gallery.

Besides being adorned with the plethora of stock M Performance Parts, the BMW M4 GTS is now looking great with the new V-FF 106 wheels from Vorsteiner, coming with a classical multispoke wheel design, which provide the model with a more aggressive look and stance.

The V-FF 106 wheels are sized 20 x 9.5 and 20 x 10.5 front and rear, respectively, and are finished in Carbon Graphite, and perfectly complement the car`s exterior wrap. As for the car`s engine under the hood, the tuner hasn’t mess around with the stock powertrain.

Speaking about performance under the hood, the M4 GTS is a genuine piece of German architecture, the sports car using a water injection system which improves its performance, by allowing water to evaporate into the intake manifold plenum chamber. Thus, the temperature from the intake air is significantly reduced up to a point until the compression temperature from the combustion chamber adds a power boost.

This, along with the 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo flat-six engine, allows a boost of 500 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, hooked to a seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission. That would be enough to produce an acceleration of 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h., at a topping of 305 km/h.

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