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F80 BMW M3 M Performance Gets Exclusive Photo Gallery at Century West Showroom

Usually, BMW Abu Dhabi showroom gets exclusivity when it comes to hosting the most amazing and specially customized BMW products in the world, but recently, we have got the pleasure of admiring another splendid specimen arriving in California.

It concerns a hot and sexy F80 BMW M3 with M Performance and the rare Mint Grey body wrap, which is put for both display and for sale at BMW`s another famous dealership in Century West, Los Angeles, Califonia.

In case you live nearby and love the F80 M3 then you have got the big chance of seeing it in flash and get to find out more about the car and the pricing tag. Speaking of prices, this exclusive model is priced from $114,455, which is almost double the price of the standard model.

For that money you get plenty of M Performance Parts at the exterior, as well as inside, adding as well the Competition Package, which raises the car`s power to a good 444 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

As for the exterior, the main highlights refer to carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, exhaust tips, trunk-lid spoiler, wing mirrors, and M Performance exhaust system. The new aero package is complemented with the M4 GTS-inspired alloys.

The cabin also looks fresh with the stainless steel pedals, LED door projectors and other fine tweaks from the M Performance catalog. You can find out more about this astonishing project in the media gallery below! As for the car`s price, just browse the dealership`s website to find out more information!

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