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Modified BMW 435i Gets Tested by Smoking Tires

Each Series range from BMW deserves the best appreciation, attention and the recognition from the public, as it comes with exquisite models that highlight the high-performance German engineering.

However, there are certain models that we need to pay more attention to, especially since they are created to make our lives easier and better. One of those models that were somehow left in the dark is the BMW 435i, which can now be admired in its plenitude in the video below.

The journalists from Smoking Tires have put together a video which highlights the exquisite aptitudes of a gorgeous BMW 435i, and even if we are dealing here with a partially modified one, the car is still worth watching and admiring. All modifications are meant to increase the car`s driving capabilities.

At the exterior, the model is wrapped in a gorgeous and exotic colour, adding as well some aftermarket parts and mechanics.

Besides the stock suspension and brakes, this model seen here comes with the Evolution Racewerks charge pupe, Gintani catless downpipe with Supersprint exhaust system as well as an AFE air intake. All these make the 435i extremely loud, a fact that can be also seen in the video.

There are also the wider black wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubbers and a couple of other fine tweaks here and there, which complete change the car`s attitude and stance. But you`d better sit tight, push the play button and enjoy the video released by Smoking Tires.

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