BMW M5 Tuning

Video: E39 BMW M5 by Technica Motorsports I a Real Beast

While you are waiting for the all-new BMW M5 to arrive later on this autumn, you might want to have some fun taking a closer look at the technicians from Technica Motorsports increasing the power of the long-gone yet fun to drive E39 BMW M5.

The E39 BMW M5 was a truly iconic M5 that impressed all BMW purists with sheer power and extraordinary performance. It came out with a potent 5.0-liter V8 engine and a massive body style, allowing however an impressive sprint.

However, the technicians from Technica Motorsports decided to spicy up things a little bit, by fitting a Supra-sourced engine under the hood. We are looking here at the 2JZ straight-six pot, with massive turbocharged bolt, allowing for a mind-blowing 800 horsepower.

However, this engine, if run on “safe tune” can produce up to a whopping 1,200 horsepower.

Besides the monster engine, the E39 BMW M5 also comes with some new modifications at the body. The new elements, make it extremely wide and aggressive, especially if we are dealing here with the massive 335/30 tires fitted on the huge alloys.

The wide body kit was made from steel and not from the traditional fiberglass. Despite that it is extremely heavy, this lad here is capable of an impressive sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. Technica Motorsports have promised to come back with more details on that. Meanwhile, enjoy the video below!

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