BMW M2 Tuning

BMW M2 with Power Kit by Lightweight Performance

Even if we have seen hundreds of BMW M2 Coupes with impressive tuning customizations from worldwide aftermarket shops, we never get enough seeing the model undergoing outstanding transformations, at the exterior as well as under the hood.

A very interesting project is presented to you by Lightweight Performance tuner, which has added a lot of power to the below M2 Coupe.

Not the first M2 to receive the S55 engine found on the M3 and M4, our model in question is bragging with plenty of power and torque.

We are looking here with the same 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with water injection system from the M4 GTS, meaning that it churns out around 612 horsepower and impressive 767 Nm of torque.

However, during several testing on the track, the power seemed to be too much for the model, especially since it comes with a lightweight chassis, which made the tuner downgrade the power to 590 horsepower and 737 Nm of torque.

Besides the power upgrade, the model has also received some new visual features, like carbon fiber rear wing or the 19-inch alloy wheels, coming with 265/35 and 295/30 front and rear Michelin Cup2 tires. The cabin also received sports seats, roll cage, new driving modes and head-up display.

Mechanically, the model is also coming with Drexler limited-slip differential, carbon fiber ceramic braking system and a couple more. You can find out more about the model in the media gallery below!

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