BMW i8 Tuning

This Is Eve.Ryn`s Special Built BMW i8 Dark Night

If you want to get crazy on the streets with a modified BMW i8 then the below tuning program is the thing. And from where I stand, this is one of the craziest custom-built i8 I have ever witnessed so far.

The daring project belongs to the Garage Eve.Ryn tuning company and it is called Energy Sprot Evo BMW i8 Dark Night. A pretty long name for such a build, but we could simply call it the BMW i8 Dark Night.

It is not that kind of a car that shines in the dark, but it does stand out with an impressive body wrap, adding as well carbon fiber all around the body, which definitely make it a unique project. And the video released below reveals just that.

As you can also notice from the media gallery, our special ride here is looking fresh and crazy with the aggressive carbon fiber body kit, with the main highlight on the vertical spoiler installed on the edge of the bumpers, adding as well bespoke diffuser, rear spoiler, new air suspension and the one-off set of wheels.

The overall visual effect is mind-blowing, the new Eve.Ryn BMW i8 Dark Night being now ready to be taken for a special night shooting.

Under the hood, this ride stays loyal to its stock I3 1.5-liter synchronous engine backed by an electric motor. The overall power stands at 362 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, with a top speed of 250 km/h. Now postpone all your house choirs and be ready to turn up the volume. Enjoy the video and tell us what you thing about the tuner`s daring project!

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