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Media Gallery: F82 BMW M4 Competition Package with Power Upgrade by Dahler

If you want a more powerful version of the exquisite F82 BMW M4 with the Competition Package then the aftermarket specialists from the German tuner Dahler is the perfect solution for you and for your car.

A true example in that matter is the below F82 M4 Competition which has recently received a power kit from Dahler. This result in a greater amount of power and increased performance.

Visually, the F82 BMW M4 Competition Package by Dahler has been enhanced with a carbon fiber aero kit, consisting of new front spoiler and front spoiler, adding carbon fiber/aluminum rear wing, bespoke rear diffuser and a choice of 20- or 21-inch alloy wheels.

Mechanically, the custom-built F82 M4 features high-performance braking system, lowering springs, as well as a new exhaust system which enhances the engine`s note.

Performance wise, the car`s 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six engine has received an extra of 89 horsepower and 170 Nm of torque, meaning a total of 532 horsepower and 720 Nm of torque.

Unfortunately, the technicians from Dahler have not yet released any info about the car`s new performance figures, but with the new power kit we expect less than 4.0 seconds. This particular F82 BMW M4 Competition Package by Dahler also comes with more than 250 km/h, thanks to the removal of the speed limiter.

Dahler tuner has also released s splendid media gallery with the latest project on the F82 BMW M4. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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