BMW M5 Tuning

Black BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power

The BMW M550d xDrive reimaged by the people over at G-Power is more of a tribute to BMW than an independent take on the M550d xDrive design. It is the perfect combination of power, style and comfort, something the folks at G-Power have always been able to bring out in every project.

When it comes to BMW you can always rest assured that the final product is based on two aspects: performance and design aggressiveness. It’s hard to imagine how these two aspects could be further explored in the aftermarket world, however it is possible. One such example is the BMW M550d xDrive improved by the folks at G-Power. The car is more aggressive and more powerful than ever.

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BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power

The first thing you notice when looking at the BMW M550d xDrive’s exterior is the glossy black paint that seems to blend well with the minor exterior modifications done by G-Power. The sheer aggressiveness is surprising, given the fact that the car was already aggressive enough in its stock form. The unmistakable kidney grills have the classic, yet stylish, metallic finish. The G-Power badges and the amazing set of black rims wrap up the exterior package and complete the car’s new look in an extravagant yet cohesive way.

BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power

The BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power is a monster waiting to be unleashed. With the car already outputting sheer performance in its stock form it seemed rather impossible for any third party aftermarket tuner to further improve what was under the M550d’s hood. G-Power somehow managed to prove everybody wrong by tuning the 3 liter, six cylinder diesel from 400PS to a staggering 460PS. Every bit of performance the engine had was squeezed and taken to the next level.

BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power

The interior has not been modified at all. In the end it seems plausible, as G-Power seems to have concentrated more on the performance aspect of the BMW M550d xDrive. The price for this tuning package offered by G-Power is priced at a breathtaking 2,318 Euros which is the equivalent of 2,700 dollars. G-Power has explained that the whole process of beefing up the engine lies in the adjustment of the ECU unit within the BMW M550d xDrive.

BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power

The BMW M550d xDrive by G-Power is the expression of perfection. It embodies the remarkable traits of the BMW brand while adding a bit of an aftermarket perspective regarding the vehicle’s look, feel and performance. The result is a very appealing G-Power style BMW M550d xDrive and quite a number of customers interested in purchasing this variant of the M550d. G-Power has proven once again that style and performance can be achieved without necessarily overdoing it.

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