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BMW 7-Series 740Le Arrives in Abu Dhabi with M Sport Package

Even if BMW launched the exquisite 7-Series in all its forms back in 2015, the model is still a flagship when it comes to luxury and good looks, high-end class feel, as well as impressive performance figures despite its massive size.

The model was also well-received in the tuning segment, with plenty of aftermarket shops playing around with it to create unique programs and outstanding projects. But regardless the plethora of tuning elements or not, the model best looks with ingredients from its own courtyard: in this case, the white lad below brags in Abu Dhabi with the company`s famous M Sport Package.

BMW Abu Dhabu Motors is the oasis of the finest of BMW models, and the below 740Le from the 7-Series it definitely deserves its place there.

Compared to the stock model, this one has been enhanced with M goodies, adding as well some more from other tuners – 3D Design front spoiler, Alpina boot lid spoiler – as well as carbon fiber mirror covers and 21-inch M Performance wheels.

The BMW 7-Series is the epiphany of luxury, and the 740Le is no exception. However, in this case, it also received dual-tone leather with wood inserts on the door panels, center console and dashboard. The rest of the high-end gizmos remain pretty much stock.

In the engine department, the BMW 7-Series 740Le features a conventional engine and an electric motor, just like its fellow companions from the 740 trim level detailed below, thanks to BMW Car Tuning publication.

“The BMW 740e/BMW 740Le/BMW 740Le xDrive are coming with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder inline petrol unit with BMW TwinPower Turbo, developing 285 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, while the BMW eDrive synchronous electric motor provide an additional 95 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. All three versions are also hooked to a lithium-ion high-voltage battery. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in done in 5.6 seconds in the 740e, while the 740Le and 740Le xDrive take 5.5 seconds for the same distance.

The topping of all versions is standing at 240 km/h in the conventional way, while in the electric input, the top of speed is reaching 120 km/h. The fuel consumption stands at 2.1L/100 km in the 740e and 740Le, while the 740Le xDrive takes 2.3L for the same 100 km. Co2 emissions are set at 49 g/km in the 740e and 740Le, while the 740Le xDrive needs 53 g/km.”

Source: BMW Coop

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