BMW i8 Tuning

Matte Black BMW i8 by EDC

Even with the reputation of the most beautiful car, the BMW i8 has always lacked in public opinion, a decent set of rims to complete that futuristic look it embraces so well. It seems EDC Wheels has finally come up with a remedy for that.

The BMW i8 is both a luxurious no compromise car, and an eco-friendly mean sports vehicle. With this in mind, it is no surprise that this hybrid monster reaches 100km/h in just over 4 seconds. With an electronically limited speed of 250km/h this car can compete with some of the meanest gas guzzlers at one third of the environmental cost. It is at the same time a high-tech precision machine. BMW has got us used to quite a range of driving gadgets which it includes as standard with this particular model.

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Mate Black BMW i8

When it comes to the exterior design, the BMW i8 is a cart that turns heads for sure. The futuristic look and the fine design lines make it one of the most desirable vehicles. All the criticism comes down to the rims. People feel the stock rims on the BMW i8 are not quite up to the challenge, which is why EDC has provided this particular i8 model with a set of 22 inch forged EDC Challenge rims. These particular rims give a premium look to the car while also taking the aggressiveness of the car itself one step further.

Mate Black BMW i8

While the rims complete the look, their classic, old look combines perfectly with the stylish futuristic aspect of the BMW i8 body in a harmonious mix of old and new. The bronze color complements the car’s matte black finish. One particular aspect that shows the extent of EDC’s love for perfection is the fact that the rims are the same color as the side skirt fin of the BMW i8.

Mate Black BMW i8

Of course in order to complete the look, the BMW i8 has been lowered accordingly. The rims are wrapped in a thin layer of rubber, making the rims stand out without any question. The BMW i8 by EDC is the answer to the rim problem this particular car has been facing for quite long, now. While there might be other recipes to this particular problem, EDC seems to have solved the problem in quite a stylish manner, while also taking care not to clash with the car’s own personality.

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