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BMW 440i Convertible by Daehler Tuning

The folks over at Daehler Tuning have decided to turn the BMW 440i Convertible in one of their project builds. The reputation that surrounds them meant this project was destined for success right from the start. This BMW 440i Convertible is unique no matter how you look at it.

Right from the start you can tell this particular BMW 440i Convertible looks much more aggressive than its stock counterpart. The added front and rear bumper modifications, the new kidney grills and the stylish set of rims, all these, contribute to the new look of this particular car. The dark paint completes the package, giving the BMW 440i a classy feel to go along with its aggressive new look. The result is quite impressive.

BMW 440i Convertible by Dahler Tuning

The B58 engine together with Dahler’s performance tuning stages give the customers plenty of choices when it comes to improving vehicle specs. The first stage grants the BMW 440i Convertible an extra 54HP from the stock 326HP. The second stage raises the HP to 400, while the last stage gives the 440i 415HP. No matter what your choice is, the performance gain is significant in all cases. The car feels more agile. The added exhaust system gives this car the sound it deserves so much, in order to match the sporty look and feel.

BMW 440i Convertible by Dahler Tuning

The build itself is quite balanced. The new look fits the performance upgrades quite well. The overall feel the car gives is that of a mix between elegance and sportiness. The BMW 440i Convertible drives and feels good. The people over at Dahler have put a lot of effort and passion into this build. They made sure that with this particular build no compromise is made. This is one of the main reasons that make this build so popular.

BMW 440i Convertible by Dahler Tuning

The BMW 440i Convertible is an exclusivist car. The Bavarian spirit the car has shipped with from the automaker is still there. In fact, all these upgrades try to make this spirit be more visible by further adding to the BMW 440i Convertible’s main characteristics. The result is a unique BMW any fan of the brand would love to have in his private collection. The BMW 440i Convertible by Dahler Tuning is probably one of the best modified renditions of this particular vehicle. The solid BMW model choice together with fitted quality aftermarket parts ensured this project build’s success right from the start.

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