BMW M5 Tuning

BMW F10 M5 with Vossen Wheels

The BMW M5 F10 is without a doubt one of the most luxurious vehicles the Bavarian automaker has to offer. The classy look and feel of this car is enough to convince anyone of how much passion has been put into developing this model. Vossen has decided to contribute to the already hefty amount of passion put into this BMW with even more passion.

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The BMW M5 F10 is a vehicle most people would dream about driving at least once. The desire is even more vivid in the case of this particular vehicle seeing as it has been improved with Vossen rims and a plethora of other upgrades. Seeing as Vossen is involved in this particular project the success of the end result is guaranteed. With this particular BMW M5 project the improvements seem to build on the already existing particularities of the car.

BMW F10 M5 with Vossen Wheels

With the speed limiter removed, this BMW’s 4.4 liter V8 petrol engine can easily hit a top speed of 300km/h. It does 0 to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds, which, without a doubt, is quite impressive. This unrestricted, unlocked BMW M5 F10 is able to show its true Bavarian spirit. Together with the rest of the upgrades this BMW seems to be a cohesive build project. All improvements integrate seamlessly, forming a well balanced final product.

BMW F10 M5 with Vossen Wheels

The visual side of this particular project builds on the already aggressive look of the car. It brings out more of the car’s personality, without radically changing it. The added splitters, carbon fiber elements and trunk spoiler contribute to the car’s sporty aspect. They also contribute to the improvement of the car’s performance. The centerpiece of this particular build is represented by the Vossen rim set installed on this BMW M5 F10. The 20 inch rims on this vehicle wrap up the build, further adding to the aggressive, sporty, mean look of the car.

BMW F10 M5 with Vossen Wheels

No matter how you look at this project build, Vossen has lived, once again, to its reputation. This BMW M5 F10 is a car any real fan of the Bavarian manufacturer would love to add to his or her private car collection. The balance between the car’s performance and look is staggering. This BMW M5 F10 is without a doubt a successful build project. The sheer amount of passion and work put in this car is proof of the car’s build quality.

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