BMW M2 Tuning

BMW M2 by 3D Design

It’s not news that Japan is home to some of the best tuning garages. Among these 3D Design stands out with a team of professionals and original ideas. The BMW M2 was one of 3D Design’s recent projects and it seems the result is a stunning reinterpretation of the Bavarian vehicle.

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The BMW M2 is probably one of the best choices amongst the models offered by this particular manufacturer. With a personality of its own, the M2 is easy to fall in love with. The perfect balance between performance and comfort, offered by the BMW M2, can hardly be matched by any other car make or model. Starting with its stylish look and continuing with the premium feel this vehicle offers, it seems pointless for most, to attempt to further perfect this balanced mix. The guys over at 3D Design thought otherwise.

BMW M2 by 3D Design

The BMW M2 was painted in a shade of blue called Long Beach Blue, a color that immediately attracts attention. Sporty, aggressive looking front and rear bumpers were added. Along with these 3D Design also fitted matching side skirts. The spoiler is entirely made of carbon fiber. The same material was also used for certain details on the bumpers and side skirts. The rims, wrapped in thin tires complete the sleek, sporty look of this particular BMW M2.

BMW M2 by 3D Design

Under the hood, the BMW M2 has a slightly modified version of the N55 engine. Coupled to it is a custom made 3D Design exhaust system. Apart from the performance gain, the exhaust system also looks stunning on this particular BMW M2 build. It fits with the car’s identity very well. The BMW M2 by 3D Design is a true powerhouse. It is fast and nimble. The guys at 3D Design have kept the core structure and spirit of the BMW M2.

BMW M2 by 3D Design

With the BMW M2, 3D Design made a clear point. While the car was already balanced in terms of look and feel, improvements, even though not necessary, could be made. Modifications were not made to change the identity of the BMW M2, but to rather bring out the particularities of this specific model. The result was a more aggressive and sporty looking BMW M2, a variant that many will probably line up to purchase. This BMW M2 is another success story for the guys over at 3D Design, a garage that takes pride in all of its project builds.

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