BMW M3 Tuning

BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Exhaust

The current generation BMW M3 is probably one of the most balanced models the Bavarian automaker has to offer at this point. Starting with looks and ending with performance this M3 generation is almost perfect. Almost, because there have been quite a lot of complaints regarding the sound of this car’s engine.

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While it outputs a hefty amount of power, the S55 engine on the current generation BMW M3 simply doesn’t sound good. No matter what aftermarket exhaust you are using, the engine’s performance is ruined by the sound it produces. Luckily someone decided to do their best and create a good sounding, loud current gen BMW M3. The end result is surprising. Not only does the car sound better, it also seems to have a different personality.

BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Exhaust

With this particular current generation BMW M3 one element seems to make it distinguishable, the M3 Competition Package. Within the added goodies the most remarkable change is produced by the M Performance exhaust. While the sound of the engine may still make some BMW fans unhappy, for most it will definitely be an improvement. The added exhaust system is definitely louder. The car’s roar seems to give the car a whole new personality.

BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Exhaust

There are other advantages to installing an M Performance exhaust on your current gen BMW M3. One of the most important such advantages is the fact that installing such an upgrade does not void the car’s warranty. With this in mind, most fans will probably decide that upgrading their brand new current generation M3 is a must. Such a move is definitely worth it. There’s literally nothing to lose and quiet a lot to gain. The look of the M Performance exhaust system also contributes to the car’s new personality.

BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Exhaust

The current gen BMW M3 has definitely been improved with the addition of the Competition Package. Out of all the upgrades that form this particular package, the exhaust system by M Performance stands out. It makes the current gen M3 faster, louder and more aggressive looking. No matter how you look at it, this M3 variant is definitely an improvement over the original. This being said, the BMW fans, also, seem to be pleased with the far better sound the BMW M3’s engine produces at this point. M Performance parts in the form of the Competition Package are the key to this particular BMW’s brand new personality.

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