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BMW M3 E46 with Dodge Viper Engine

The BMW M3 E46 is an iconic BMW model. It made history, but at the same time it also shaped the direction in which the Bavarian automaker would develop for years to come. Most would agree the E46 has enough power as is, however this particular example of an M3 E46 with a Dodge Viper swapped engine proves that there is no such thing as enough power.

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With this particular model, the fitted engine is an 8.3 liter Dodge Viper engine that in its stock form produces 500HP. Given the fact that the owner of the care decided to go through a lot of trouble in order to fit this huge engine in the E46 bay, it only seems normal for the owner to want to further improve the engine performance. This E46 is a perfect example of how far one build can go when it comes to performance upgrades. The choices are virtually limitless.

BMW M3 E46 with Dodge Viper Engine

Such performance upgrades require extensive visual modifications as well. For instance, with this particular build, the hood had to be adapted in order to fit the huge Dodge Viper engine in the vehicle’s bay. The added body parts and the rims make sure the aggressiveness of the engine fits well with the mean look of the car. The sound of the car binds the two in a strange, yet satisfying power cocktail. There seem to be plans for several other upgrades.

BMW M3 E46 with Dodge Viper Engine

This particular BMW M3 E46 is an outstanding build. The sheer amount of work and passion put into this build makes it, without a doubt, one of the most interesting BMW projects in development. While some may be against butchering the car’s Bavarian spirit, the project itself seems to be a bold try at combining two of the best automotive worlds that exist out there. It is by no means an attempt at ruining a car’s look and feel.

BMW M3 E46 with Dodge Viper Engine

This Viper BMW M3 E46 is the result of outstanding work. Despite the major changes in the car’s structure, this BMW E46 still feels quite balanced. It is a perfect drift build, something it actually seems to have been built for. It will probably still be a long time until this car can perform any drifts, seeing as it still requires quite a hefty amount o work, however, even at this stage, this particular M3 E46 is probably an amazing vehicle to drive.

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