BMW M3 Tuning

BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane by G-Power

The guys at G-Power have gotten us used to their high performance reinterpretations of the BMW car range. This time they propose a reinterpretation of the classic M3 E90, which in the end becomes the beefy GT2 S Hurricane, an orange mean looking powerhouse.

Modifications on the exterior include a wide body kit, carbon fiber additions, a GT type spoiler and a mean looking hood. The matte black rims on this particular build fit in well with the orange body of the car. The BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane barely seems street legal. In fact, the overall aspect of the car seems to resemble those on the circuit. G-Power has successfully tried to balance style and performance with this car. The matte black decal on the side, the additional badges and the tinted windows contribute to the aggressive look of the car, without necessarily contributing to the improvement of overall performance.

BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane

The interior with its bucket seats doesn’t seem out of context. The orange insertions on the overall dark gray interior are both stylish and discreet. They fit well with the car’s exterior, making the design look and feel overall cohesive. Something worth noting is that the interior does not compromise in any way comfort. The balance between comfort and performance seems to be just about right with the BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane. The G-Power logo is quite neatly inserted in different parts of the interior, reminding you that what you are driving is no ordinary, stock BMW.

BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane

The engine on this vehicle is a breathing monster, as expected. With 710HP under the hood, this car’s top speed is way over the legal speed limit. The BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane does 0 to 200km/h in just under 10 seconds, which theoretically means it does 0 to 100 in half that time. The figures sound crazy, but you can tell by the performance parts installed on this car that these are no lie.

BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane

The thin, wide type tires provide massive amounts of grip while the adjustable suspension is the guarantee to a smooth ride. The somewhat lower suspension also helps improve the aerodynamic aspect of the BMW M3 GT2 S Hurricane. Regardless of how you look at this vehicle, G-Power has managed to perfect it in every aspect imaginable. This particular project is the guarantee of a lifetime thrill that will not disappoint, no matter what expectations one has.

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