BMW M5 Tuning

BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts

The BMW M5 was already one of the most popular models that BMW has produced lately. As it happens, at this years’ SEMA show the BMW M5 F90 surprised everyone with an improve look, al thanks to the suite of M Performance upgrades.

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This variant of the BMW M5 F90 looked sportier and racier than its stock counterpart. The M Power stripes are the first clue towards what lies hidden under the vehicle’s hood. The 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8 engine outputs 600HP. This particular BMW M5 F90 does 0 to 100km/h in just over 3 seconds. With these specs there is no doubt about how powerful this BMW is. The BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts belongs more to the racetrack than to the city streets. Other performance upgrades on the BMW M5 F90 include sportier suspension and a new exhaust system.

BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts

The aspect of this particular BMW M5 F90 is also significantly altered. Front and rear bumpers have been changed with more aggressive looking ones. Carbon fiber insertions in the bumpers, side skirts and rear view mirrors contribute to making the car lighter. The iconic kidney grills have also been slightly altered in comparison with the stock version of the BMW M5 F90. Overall the changes made to the exterior contribute both at raising the performance and improving the car’s personality.

BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts

Contributing to the latter is also the alpine white paint and the specific M Power stripes. It may seem as if these lines have been used a tad too much, however, their presence only reinforces the M Power spirit that the parts together with the car itself embody. The arctic white shade of white used perfectly complements the presence of the M Power lines as well as the carbon fiber additions. This BMW M5 F90 with M Performance parts seems to harmoniously integrate all elements into its original design.

BMW M5 F90 with M Performance Parts

The BMW M5 F90 with M Performance parts is an improvement of the original formula with a suite of specific upgrades that seem to complete the already fantastic experience this car has to offer. The sporty feeling and the aggressive look fit in well with this particular variant of the car. Like in the case of most BMW improvements the original Bavarian spirit has been left intact. The M Performance improvements build upon this spirit and make it stand out even more.

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