BMW 5 Series Tuning

BMW M550i xDrive with HRE Wheels by Wheels Boutique

The BMW M550i xDrive is one of the most stylish models the Bavarian automaker has to offer. The car’s luxurious aspect, the design lines and the overall feel of the car, make it without a doubt, a favorite among BMW fans. Being a fan favorite also makes this particular model the perfect choice for tuning upgrades.

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For the BMW M550i xDrive the 4 liter V8 engine is improved with M Performance upgrades. The injection system improvements, as well as its turbochargers help this BMW output an incredible 456HP. The BMW M550i reaches 250km/h from 0km/h in about 4 seconds. The car’s maximum speed is electronically limited to 250km/h, leaving plenty of room for improvements in this department. The car is perfectly balanced. The M550i xDrive looks and feels great.

BMW M550i xDrive by Wheels Boutique

When it comes to looks, even though the modifications on this particular build are not hefty, this BMW M550i has its personality changed. The Bluestone Metallic paintjob fits in well with the added aftermarket parts. In fact, it gives the car a slightly aggressive look. The centerpiece of this particular build is represented by the HRE RS200M rims. Wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires, these rims contribute to the sporty look of the car. Interesting enough the rim size has been kept the same as in the case of the stock M550i, 19 inches.

BMW M550i xDrive by Wheels Boutique

The folks over at Wheels Boutique seem to have kept this project as simple as possible. The core BMW elements remain untouched. The BMW M550i is a classy, luxurious car. The upgrades are meant to further build on these two particular coordinates. They make the car more visible through the emphasis put on certain characteristics of this model. The performance upgrades follow the same formula. They build on the existing particularities of the car’s engine.

BMW M550i xDrive by Wheels Boutique

The BMW M550i xDrive with HRE rims by Wheels Boutique is a reminder of how simple upgrade plans can fully change the aspect and feel of a car. It is also a reminder that upgrades should not necessarily alter a vehicle’s identity, but rather build on its already existing features, bringing out the best of it. The people at Wheels Boutique have successfully completed another project by harmoniously matching aftermarket parts with one of the most well received BMW models up to this point, something that directly contributes to the increased prestige of this team of tuning specialists.

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