BMW X5 Tuning

BMW X5 M by iND

There is no doubt that the BMW X5 M is one of the most luxurious SUVs that BMW produces. It is at the same time one of the best looking models as well. With this in mind it seems that the guys at iND have decided to improve the BMW X5 M in every possible way.

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The SUV is nothing short of power with an engine capable of outputting 575HP. The sheer force in this vehicle is stunning. Nevertheless, can this be improved? The answer seems to be yes. With this particular model, iND has fitted quite a number of body modifications starting with front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a stylish spoiler. Of course there are plenty more visual modifications. The car looks quite stylish, but iND states that looks are not the only gain for this particular build project.

BMW X5 M by iND

The folks over at iND claim that this BMW X5 M’s performance is also improved. With a more aerodynamic body structure and an overall lowered structure the BMW X5 M by iND is way faster than its stock counterpart. There is a certain amount of choice as to which parts can be fitted on the BMW X5 M. The smart choice would be to choose the full package in order to fully benefit from the performance gain.

BMW X5 M by iND

The overall look of the car is more aggressive. The BMW X5 M’s black paint and the darkened windows give it a stealthy look. The body kit adds to the X5 M’s personality by further constructing on the stock manufacturer’s design. The additions made by iND seem to harmoniously fit in with the rest of the car. The whole package is completed by a pair of 22 inch HRE P201 rims, which further add to the stylish, stealthy look of the car.

BMW X5 M by iND

The BMW X5 M by iND is a successful attempt at improving the overall look of the vehicle while also adding to its performance. This particular reinterpretation keeps the vehicle’s personality and further develops on the BMW X5 M’s particularities. It is this harmony that makes iND one of the best options when it comes to improving your BMW. As stated above the price for this particular upgrade depends on the selected package. The range of choices put on the table by the people over at iND guarantees that there is something appealing for each and everyone.

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