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A classic restored: BMW M635CSi

The BMW M635CSi is considered a classic by now. No matter how you look at it, this particular model seems to take you back to the time when the Bavarian automaker valued the essential values of a vehicle. With the M635CSi what you see is what you get.

Patrik, the lucky owner of one such vehicle seems to appreciate this particular BMW model for its sincerity. For him, this project build was a real challenge. Not only did he decide to restore this classic beauty, he went further on to make adjustments and improvements where needed. The end result was an improved version of the already jaw dropping BMW M635CSi.

A classic restored BMW M635CSi

Apart from the engine and the vehicle’s paintjob, Patrik has worked on every bit and part of his BMW M635CSi. The amount of passion invested in this car is hard to keep track of. The vehicle speaks for itself. When it comes to improvements, Patrik has made sure that visual as well as performance are improved accordingly.

A classic restored BMW M635CSi

The first thing you notice when it comes to Patrik’s BMW M635CSi is the nice set of BBS 16 inch rims, wrapped in thin tires. The lowered suspension contributes to the new look of Patrik’s BMW M635CSi. The M Technik stripes on both sides of the vehicle complete the sleek, sporty look of this particular BMW, while also making a statement regarding this vehicle’s legacy.

A classic restored BMW M635CSi

On the performance side of things, Patrik has worked on the BMW M635CSi engine making small improvements here and there. The addition of stainless steel exhaust pipes has raised the performance of this BMW M635CSi, while also giving it the perfect look and sound. This BMW M635CSi is in top shape. It looks and feels like it has just rolled out of the automakers’ manufacturing plant, of course, if you ignore the addition of a couple of aftermarket parts.

A classic restored BMW M635CSi

Patrik’s BMW M635CSi is the reinterpretation of a classic. The look and feel of this car remains true to BMW’s Bavarian spirit. This particular build seems to mix both new and old in a well balanced mix that would surprise and intrigue just about anybody. The amount of effort and passion put in this ride makes it unique. The value of such a project build lies in the connection between the owner and his vehicle. With this said, Patrik’s BMW M635CSi is a highly valuable asset for both himself and the BMW fans around the world.

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