BMW i8 Tuning

Melbourne Red BMW i8 with Vossen Wheels

The BMW i8 is one of BMW’s special models. It is both fast and eco friendly. It’s been thought out as a fast but not flashy car. This particular i8 tries to break the barriers imposed by the Bavarian automaker. You can tell that by the bright red paintjob and awesome looking Vossen rims.

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The BMW i8 is both a powerful and environmentally concerned car. Its rounded lines make it one of the most beautiful BMW models that the Bavarian manufacturer offers in its range. From the outside it resembles a gas guzzling supercar while from the interior it looks more like a high tech Japanese all-in-one driving solution. The fact is the BMW i8 is both of those and so much more at the same time. Regardless of how you see the i8, it will surprise you in every imaginable way possible.

BMW i8 with Vossen Wheels

This particular BMW i8 builds on this concept of surprise by attempting to go beyond certain limits the Bavarian manufacturer seems to have imposed in the manufacturing process of this particular model. Right from the beginning the bright red paint on this particular model strikes as unusual. The use of Melbourne Red for this special i8’s paintjob was a grand idea. The color choice seems to bring out the car’s personality making it much more visible. The color also makes the car’s round design lines look more visible.

BMW i8 with Vossen Wheels

Making the car stand out even more are the 21 inch Vossen Forged LC-109T rims, a solid choice that seems to look twice as cool in the chosen gloss silver finish. The pattern of the rims fits very well with the rest of the car’s personality. Wheel size makes the car look sporty. This particular choice seems to improve the car’s aspect in every way possible. The idea of a Melbourne Red BMW i8 with Vossen rims is a successful, bold move towards making this particular model stand out.

BMW i8 with Vossen Wheels

With a top speed of 250km/h and a new, more evident personality, this particular BMW i8 seems to create a perfect balance between how it looks and how it performs. It is without a doubt one of the most interesting renditions of this model. The amazing fact about the Melbourne Red BMW i8 with Vossen Rims is that it retains the core BMW spirit that the Bavarian automaker includes in each and every vehicle it produces.

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