BMW M2 Tuning

BMW M2 by Evolve

The BMW M2 is one of the most popular BMW models. The BMW M2 is a sporty, small, yet powerful car. This is one of the reasons why the guys over at Evolve decided to turn one such BMW model into their project build. In fact, the BMW M2 was turned into a GTS variant, according to Evolve. A lot of work was put into this particular project, especially in the exterior design department.

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This particular BMW M2 is unique on account of its special livery. The design was created by two artists and is supposed to detail a true story. The drawn elements and figures give the BMW M2 a truly authentic personality. This is definitely a car that any BMW fan would love to have in his private collection. It could be said that this particular BMW M2 is drivable art. The contrast between the used colors is also interesting. The livery details are indeed fascinating.

BMW M2 by Evolve

The folks over at Evolve have also upgraded the car’s look and performance. The exterior of the car has been improved with the addition of a body kit, a rear wing and a set of new rims. All these contribute to the more aggressive look of the car. It seems as if this little M2 is ready to race and tear some asphalt. There is a certain feel of cohesiveness tied to this car. All elements fit together in order to form a special variant of the BMW M2.

BMW M2 by Evolve

The engine has also been tweaked. This BMW M2’s engine, now, outputs 401HP. With this particular project build every aspect o the car seems to have been improved. Whether we’re talking about the look or the feel of the car, Evolve seems to have added its magical touch. The passion put in this project can b seen by looking at the end result. The BMW M2 by Evolve is stunning in more than one way.

BMW M2 by Evolve

No matter how you look at this project build, you end up seeing the genius behind it. Evolve has managed to enhance the car’s distinctive personality by further developing its particularities. This BMW M2 is for certain one of the most unique such models that exist up to this point. It could quite easily become auction material, on account of its uniqueness. The people over at Evolve have managed to create one of the most interesting BMW builds, so far.

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