BMW X6M Tuning

BMW X6 M by 3D Design

The BMW X6 is one of the most powerful SUV models the Bavarian automaker has to offer. For the folks over at 3D Design, this was the most important reason for upgrading this vehicle. The result speaks for itself. This particular project build is proof of 3D Design’s capabilities. If you happen to own a BMW X6 M and have the necessary finances to upgrade it, 3D Design is the way to go.

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The first thing you notice when looking at this particular BMW X6 M is the changed look of the vehicle. 3D Design has fitted quite a number of parts. Despite having its aspect changed, the added parts seem to integrate flawlessly into the original design. The identity of the vehicle has been kept the same. The modifications help bring out the vehicle’s already existing particularities. The result is a more aggressive and sporty looking vehicle. This BMW X6 M is definitely a vehicle most BMW fans would love to have in their private collection.

BMW X6 M by 3D Design

This BMW X6 M also sports a set of brand new 23 inch rims courtesy of Manhart. The rims add to the aggressive aspect of the vehicle. The rims are not flashy. They integrate perfectly with the rest of the added improvements, being nicely wrapped in high performance tires. Grip seems to be improved as a direct result of the selected tires. The feel of the car, while not radically different, is improved. The BMW X6 M by 3D Design is definitely a head turner. The addition of an Akrapovic exhaust system could only lead to a better sounding BMW X6 M.

BMW X6 M by 3D Design

Despite all modifications, the car’s 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8 engine was left untouched. The 567HP produced by the engine were considered enough by the folks at 3D Design for this particular build. If you take in account that the BMW X6 M does 0 to 100km/h in just about 4 seconds you will realize that 3D Design did the right thing when it decided not to tweak or modify the engine.

BMW X6 M by 3D Design

The interior of the vehicle completes the upgrade in a stylish way. The red leather seats are the centerpiece of the BMW X6 M’s interior. The carbon fiber trim contributes to the sporty look of the interior. There is a great sense of cohesion with this particular build. The interior harmoniously fits the exterior of the car. With this project, the people over at 3D Design proved once more that they are car tuning experts.

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