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Review of the BMW i8

The approach of BMW when launching the i8 was to develop an environmentally friendly vehicle that captivated for more than only fuel-efficiency. Giving the impression as if it has just driven from the drawing board of the designer; the i8 has an impression-car look that always turns heads.

Despite the availability of other petrol-electric sports vehicles, Honda NSX is the only model that comes close to the £100,000 price tag of the BMW. Models from Ferrari and McLaren cost a few times that price. But the BMW i8 has more visual performance, and its frontward-hinged doors prepare the scene for the upcoming trick it has in the pipeline: Porsche 911-matching acceleration.

BMW i8 Rear

The engine of i8 is a 1.5-litre three-tank petrol combined with MINI hatchback, yet it’s designed to generate 228bhp. An additional 129bhp gets produced by the electric motors of i8 and their shared force meaning that it is possible to attain 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds from a vehicle designed to return 134.5mpg.

You can still achieve this figure if you utilise the capability of the i8 plug-in to ensure the hybrid battery remains fully charged before you begin your journey, and it is more probable if your daily schedule demands lots of urban driving in busy traffic where the electric drive system works on its own. Nevertheless, drive the BMW i8 just like the sport it is, and you will probably experience a relatively low figure.

Like all electrically supported supercars, the hybrid system of i8 is just as beneficial for enhancing performance as it is for cutting the consumption of fuel, and the 45mpg experienced from combined driving remains a reasonable figure for a vehicle with this form of capacity. Apart from reduced costs of fuel, 49g/km CO2 low emissions indicate a 9% BiK (Benefit-in-Kind) tax rating which is far more appealing than traditionally fuelled vehicles with the same performance. Moreover, it brings the London Congestion Charge’s immunity.

BMW i8 Engine

The i8 is costly, but if eco-friendly driving is your primary objective, both the Tesla Model and Porsche Panamera are relatively cheaper, as well as the benefit of a more spacious and adaptable interior. Even though the BMW has rear seats, they are only a symbolic gesture and just reasonable for kids or as an additional space for luggage.

If you don’t need more than two seats, though, BMW i8 offers an astounding ultramodern interior that complements the beautiful looks outside. It’s full of technology, and the textures and materials used are of a quality worth its vast price label.

How you can test out the bmw i8

If you want to test the BMWi8 there are a few ways you can. Of course one of the most common ways to test out this vehicle is to book a test drive at a BMW showroom or online.

BMW i8 Interior

However, through this option you will by no means get to experience this car for what its worth. If pushing the i8 to the limits is on your agenda, then a driving experience is recommended for you. A driving experience will let you take the BMW i8 for a spin around one of many famous race tracks.

You will probably enjoy the way i8 drives, as well. The fast acceleration brings things to a sporty start, though the i8 is developed to remain exciting during your entire journey, meaning you should have sound driving experience. The car is a four-wheel drive, and the front wheels are propelled by the electric engine as the petrol engine drives the rears, assisting the automobile in providing power in the hard turns. 

The weight of the batteries, petrol and electric engines has been evenly distributed to keep everything balanced, and there’s no worry of the flagship of BMW hybrid ruining the reputation of the car designer due to sharp handling.

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