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BMW 7-Series Poop Emoji Modification by X Carwrapping

When you think of BMW’s most luxurious vehicle, the BMW 7-Series comes to mind. Combining performance with luxury in a balanced build, the 7-Series is definitely a car most people dream about driving. Would they still dream about driving this vehicle if it were customized with a poop emoji wrap?

Apart from the fact that the two worlds combined within this particular build, if it can be called that, simply do not fit, the wrap itself is not too imaginative either. It literally consists of a dozen or so poop emojis stacked on top of another, with one huge such icon on the rear sides of the vehicle. The only thing that seems to fit is the general color of the wrap, which, as you probably imagine, is dark brown. The car has not been modified in any other way. Given the situation, this BMW 740E has already been turned into something unique.

It seems the vehicle was wrapped with the poop emoji design for some sort of promotional campaign. The modification was made at the request of famous rapper Mr. Polska. With a car like this, it is hard to believe burglars would want to get their hands on it. This would in fact be because of how easily detectible they would be in traffic with this car and not on account of the hilarious wrap. Regardless of the mod choice, X Carwrapping seems to have done quite a fantastic job applying the wrap. The material the wrap is made out of also seems like quality material.

BMW 7-Series Emoji Poop Modification by X Carwrapping

While some may consider the modification quite stylish, others would dismiss a car like this solely on the basis of the applied wrap. In the end it depends on each and everyone’s taste. The BMW 740E remains the same perfectly balanced Bavarian beast, with or without the poop emoji wrap. Mr. Polska is definitely the owner of one unique BMW 740E. Whether or not he will keep it like this after the promotional work is done is anybody’s guess.

The BMW 7-Series is definitely worth noting. Whether it is modified in order to become more performance oriented or it has its looks changed for different purposes, BMW has made sure to fit the car with the spirit we all got used to, regardless of how many changes are made to its vehicles. While the poop emoji wrap may not be the most inspired of all visual modifications, it is still a bold change worth noting.

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