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BMW X6 M50d by Fostla

The BMW X6 M50d is one of the most powerful SUV models produced by the Bavarian automaker. It is powerful, fast and elegant. It is one of the BMW models any fan would dream about owning. Taking this in account, a BMW X6 M50d improved by Fostla is guaranteed to be a success. This is exactly the case with this particular build. You can tell right from the start that this BMW X6 M50d is a vehicle that will get its owner noticed for sure.

What is interesting about this particular project build is that it is the result of the work put in by Fostla and Hamann, it being part of a celebratory project the two tuning shops had planned for some time. The result is outstanding. The amount of work put into this project can be noticed a mile away. There seems to be no part of the BMW X6 M50d left unimproved. The car looks amazing, drives amazing, feels amazing. This is the result of carful planning, skilled workers and quality parts. With such a mix in question, this particular BMW X6 was destined to be a successful build right from the start.

BMW X6 M50d by Fostla

The added body kit, the stunning vinyl wrap and the stylish rims make the BMW X6 look like a new version of the same model. The added visual upgrades haven’t radically changed the car’s personality. In fact, the improvements seem to bring out more of the already existing design particularities. The BMWX6 M50d is a bulky, beasty ride. Fostla and Hamann seem to have changed that slightly. Visually speaking the vehicle looks less mean and more stylish.

BMW X6 M50d by Fostla

When it comes to performance, the BMW X6 M50d is definitely a powerful BWM model. Even so, the people over at Fostla and Hamann decided to improve this aspect of the vehicle as well, turning the SUV from fast to blazing fast. All added parts seem to integrate flawlessly into the design of the vehicle. Nothing has been left to chance. The BMW X6 M50d by Fostla is a vehicle that any BMW fan would dream about owning. It could also prove quite an important asset for most car collectors. No matter how you look at it, you notice the amount of work put into turning this particular ride into something original and special. This BMW X6 M50d is a vehicle that basically guarantees you will be noticed on the streets.

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