BMW M5 Tuning

BMW M5 by G-Power

Without a doubt the BMW M5 is one of the most balanced car models offered by the Bavarian automaker. When you think of the E60/E61 M5 model you don’t necessarily think of upgrading it, as it is already quite a remarkable vehicle and there is not much you can change about it that could make it become an even better version of itself. The folks over at G-Power, however, thought otherwise. They decided to give it their best shot and upgrade such an M5, thus creating the best version of this particular model.

The vehicle’s engine, a 5 liter V10, outputs 500HP in its stock form. This is enough even for the most competitive drivers out there. G-Power decided to further upgrade the engine and allow it to produce an incredible 690HP, that’s about 190HP extra. This upgrade is a perfect fit for the E60/E61 and Touring variants of the M5. While there is no information regarding how fast the car is at this point, the price, 20.000 dollars, is enough to convince anyone of the quality and amount of work put in this particular build. G-Power also offers another upgrade choice for the engine that further raises the engine’s performance, allowing it to produce an unbelievable 987HP.

BMW M5 by G-Power

While the engine of the vehicle has received quite a number of upgrades, the exterior was kept rather simple. With a lower stance and a new set of rims, this M5 seems perfect for those seeking a car that is powerful, yet as stock-looking as possible. This particular vehicle was already beautiful. Not much could have been done to improve its looks, which is why the guys over at G-Power decided to go for a much simpler, classic look. The added rims and the new stance do give the car a more aggressive look.

BMW M5 by G-Power

G-Power has managed again to create a very powerful BMW. The amount of work put into this project was huge. You can tell by looking at the end result. This BMW M5 is a beast kept in the manufacturer’s original form. You could easily be fooled by the looks of this car. It looks stock, but the upgrades under the hood make it only look like that. Without a doubt, no real BMW fan would pass the chance to drive this particular vehicle. For those that own such a car and want to turn it into something unique, G-Power is the way to go.

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