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Mineral Grey BMW M4 Convertible with EDC Rims

Without a doubt the BMW M4 is one of the most powerful models BMW produces. The aggressive look and the agility of the car are two of the most impressive particularities of this vehicle. For the convertible version of the M4, style is also something that has to be taken in consideration. Wanting to make this particular model even more noticeable, the folks over at EDC decided to fit a set of new rims on a Mineral Grey BMW M4 Convertible. The result, as most would expect, was outstanding.

As far as power goes, the M4 Convertible is fitted with a 3 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine, the same found on the M4 Coupe model. With an outputted 425HP, this vehicle’s engine has enough power to convince anyone of the car’s true capabilities. The BMW M4 Convertible does 0 to 100km/h in just 4.1 seconds. No matter how you look at these numbers, they are proof of the fact that the BMW M4 Convertible is a fast car, indeed. Not many would refuse the chance to drive this vehicle.

Mineral Grey BMW M4 Convertible with EDC rims

The people over at EDC have put a lot of work into this particular project. Even if there are not so many changes made to the car, in order to achieve such a clean look on a build, a lot of time has to be spent on finding the few perfect parts that are needed. This is why all the added parts in the case of this Mineral Gray BMW M4 Convertible fit so well with the car’s original design. The front lip spoiler, the side skirts, the rear diffuser, the spoiler and the new set of rims, all these parts, contribute to the final, polished look of the vehicle. The adjusted stance of the car wraps up the whole design.

Mineral Grey BMW M4 Convertible with EDC rims

EDC made sure that the created build would be a success. By adding only a few parts and by bringing out the already existing particularities of the BMW M4 Convertible, EDC created a simple, yet stylish variant of the Bavarian vehicle. The result is outstanding because it retains the core values of the car and only improves them. While the car is not flashy in any way, it stands out as a stylish, aggressive looking ride, a ride that anybody would dram about owning in their private collection. The Mineral Grey BMW M4 Convertible with EDC rims is one of the best M4 Convertible builds up to this date.

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