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BMW M5 E39 Mixed with M4 and M3 Parts is Simply Unconvincing

When you think of the BMW M5 E39 you think of a vehicle that will most likely become, if it hasn’t already, an iconic vehicle in the history of BMW’s vehicle model development. This BMW vehicle is probably one of the most balanced cars produced by the Bavarian automaker. All the components on this particular model fit together in a perfectly thought mix of style, power and comfort. You can tell there is something really special about the BMW M5 E39, no matter how you look at this particular vehicle.

BMW M5 E39 with M4 and M3 Parts

Even with such a reputation, people still decided to improve the BMW M5 E39. In the case of one particular owner, upgrading the E39 proved to be a bad idea. Using parts from radically different BMW models, like the M4 and M3, the owner of this particular M5 E39 ruined the balance that defined this particular vehicle. This BMW now looks like a mix between three different cars. In fact, the identity of this BMW M5 has been hidden behind all those M4 and M3 parts. This car could easily be identified as Frankenstein’s car. While the car is not completely ugly, the BMW model mix is definitely something that most would consider weird.

The white color of the vehicle partly saves the look of the car. The integrated parts are less visible in white. Still, if you take a closer look, you can immediately notice the horrendous mix of parts from different BMW vehicles. The parts were adapted to fit perfectly with this BMW M5 E39. It is the different styles of these parts that turn this car into an unconvincing build. The front of this particular BMW M5 E39 is wide, while the back is quite narrow.

This particular project build shows that mixing BMW vehicles is not really a great idea. Such a project could be interesting to see. The end result will always be strange on account of all the different styles integrated within one car. You could say this is something more of an experiment. The aim of such projects can only be to see why you shouldn’t combine parts from different car models in one single build. There is no doubt about the fact that this particular BMW M5 E39 is ruined by the added modifications. While a lot of work might have been put into this particular build, the result is simply unconvincing.

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