BMW i8 Tuning

BMW i8 Roadster Full Body Kit by AC Schnitzer

There is no doubt that the German folks from AC Schnitzer are the best when it comes to impressive BMW modifications. And we have seen some pretty amazing programs been displayed at BMW Abu Dhabi as well.

Almost all models and variants from BMW have been customized by AC Schnitzer and the company`s new “kid on the block” – the BMW i8 Roadster – couldn’t have gotten away with it. Below is the tuner`s new extensive program carried out on the freshly rolled out i8 Roadster, which kinda resembles with the Coupe model that they brought to Geneva, in March.

Even though the new convertible from BMW looks mind-blowing in stock form, the tuner`s full body treatment provides a more aggressive attitude, a kind of a space ship on modified four wheels as well. Every panel and every component has been customized to make it look the way it should have been in the first place.

From where I stand, the car`s first striking change is the new set of wheels. They refer to the tuner`s most prolific, the AC1 lightweight forged bi-color wheels, sizing 21 inches front and rear, providing a decrease in weight, which is around 4,4 kg.

The wheels go hand-in-hand with the new custom lowering spring kit, which brings the car closer to the ground with around 20 to 25 mm, front and rear.

As for the exterior, the car now features a carbon fiber package with plenty of stand-out elements. We are looking here are the famous AC Schnitzer front grille and 160 mm emblems on the sides, along with the new front spoiler tweaks, middle front spoiler, mirror covers, front side wings or front and rear air outlets. There is also the ‘Racing’ rear wing for more downforce or the door handle panels.

The interior also gets some new elements, which are in contrast with the exterior. There is aluminum covering the pedals, iDrive cover or the footrest, while the floor mats are velour.

As for performance under the hood, the BMW i8 Roadster by AC Schnitzer remains stock. This means a three-cylinder turbocharged engine plus an electric motor, which delivers a total of 369 horsepower. It also manages an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds, meaning a 0.2 second difference compared with the i8 Coupe. The new battery also allows for an average consumption of 70 eMPG.

You can find more details about the tuner`s new program on the BMW i8 Roadster in the media gallery below! Enjoy!

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