BMW 7 Series Tuning

BMW Abu Dhabi: This Is One Rose Quartz BMW 750Li xDrive with Hot Visual Goodies

The 7-Series from BMW in its latest generation is definitely an ass kicker, featuring all the refinement, luxury and great stance that the German carmaker has ever created for people that appreciate such good tastes. However, there are plenty of tuning companies which would love transform the flagship into something more unique.

Take for instance the below 750Li xDrive which has recently popped-up at BMW`s finest dealership in Abu Dhabi. It features a standout colour and wears plenty of parts from BMW Individual and such alike, making it all together a unique program.

We are not sure if this is a custom-built model for a rich guy or was just donated and displayed at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, thus joining the rest of the amazing fleet.

As we can depict from the pictures below, this particular ride features a metallic pink colour, called Rose Quartz and perfectly complements the car`s new body parts from BMW Individual and from different aftermarket shops. This includes a 3D Design front spoiler, along with an M Performance lip spoiler at the back, as well as multi-spoked alloy wheels.

As for interior modifications, we can appreciate the Rose Quartz accents, displayed along with wood and black leather, all ensuring a more luxurious feel. As for performance, from what we know, this 750Li remains stock.

This means a massive V8 engine which delivers 445 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. And even if it is not the a notch variant from the 7-Series, it does come with an impressive sprint from 0 to 100 km/h; in this case we are dealing with an impressive 4.5 seconds, and that despite its massive size.

You can find details of this gorgeous 7-Series displayed in Abu Dhabi in the media gallery below!

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