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The Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels

For many of Australia’s drivers, the wheels on their vehicles make a statement to the world. Apart from their aesthetics, however, wheels play a crucial role in motorists’ safety. The wheels provide a link between your car and the surface of the road, and choosing anything less than the best reduces your vehicle’s safety. Read on to learn about your options, as well as their benefits and disadvantages.

The Differences Between Steel Wheels and Alloys

In years gone by, most automobile wheels were made entirely of steel. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; after all, steel looks presentable and is very durable. However, in the auto racing world, good looks aren’t enough, and alloys or became more popular. Alloys are different than steel wheels in numerous ways, including:

• Composition.
• Strength. Alloy wheels tend to have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than comparably sized steel wheels
• Alloys are better heat conductors
• Tuner car enthusiasts prefer alloys to steel wheels because of their connection to the world of motorsports
• Alloy wheels typically offer better vehicle handling than that found with steel wheels

Simply put, alloy wheels offer the same strength of a set of steel wheels, but with a lighter weight and all the performance benefits that come with it.

Why Should I Choose Alloys?

F01 BMW 7 Series Alpina Alloy Wheels

For the average Australian driver, aren’t substantial enough to make a big difference in the overall driving experience. As mentioned previously, mag wheel technology was born of the motorsports environment, where cutting weight is crucial.

However, for road performance enthusiasts, the benefits of alloy wheels are indeed persuasive. A good set of alloys makes a compelling visual statement, which is important for those who take their motoring seriously. The weight reduction benefits are highly relevant for performance-oriented vehicles, especially those that take part in the occasional track day. On the race track, light alloy wheels result in a lower unsprung weight and improved handling.

Alloys vs. Steel Wheels: It’s Up to You

In the end, the type of wheel you choose depends mainly on your aesthetic preferences and your driving habits. Whilst alloys are usually more expensive, they’re worth the investment if you want a truly premium driving experience.

What Makes Alloys so Special?

Alloy Wheels

• They’re much lighter than steel wheels. Because they are, as we mentioned previously, made of a blend of nickel, magnesium, and aluminium, they’re typically lower in weight. When your car’s wheels are lighter, you’ll see performance benefits such as increased braking power and quicker acceleration. Furthermore, light wheels may increase your fuel economy.
• They offer better performance under pressure: Because alloys or mags are made primarily of aluminium, they have a superior ability to dissipate heat from your car’s braking components. During harsh summer driving, keeping the brakes cool will greatly reduce your chances of brake failure.
• They just look better: The aesthetic differences between steel wheels and alloys is often enough to justify an upgrade. Alloys are quite dynamic in appearance, and when they’re chosen well, they can give any vehicle a more luxe look. Alloys are available in a range of cast designs, and you’ll definitely find more customisation options available for alloys than for steelies. Let the team at AutoCraze help you find a set of alloys that perfectly complement your vehicle.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Alloys?

BMW M4 Wheels

Whilst there are numerous benefits to alloys, you should note that the metal’s lighter weight may leave it more susceptible to cracking and bending. These wheels are a bit more eye-catching than steelies, which means that cosmetic damage will be more noticeable. Alloys offer increased safety benefits and greater performance, the durability of steel wheels makes them a great choice for those afraid of kerb damage.

Alloys Are a Great Choice Overall: Buy a Set Today

To make it easier to find the perfect wheel and tyre package, offers a range of wheel selection tools. With our help, you will find it easy to select your make and model and find compatible wheels. Are you looking for your next set of wheels and tyres? Visit the friendly team at AutoCraze to find options that fit any style, driving habits, and budget.

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