BMW M2 Tuning

All-New 2018 BMW M2 Competition Receives New Power, Installation by Dahler

Besides Manhart or Hamman aftermarket firms, Dahler is another major player in the tuning segment that deals with extensive BMW customizations.

Among the tuner`s most outstanding programs, the M2, M3 or M4 models are the stars, all featuring impressive aero kits and upgrades underneath the skins. However, in a premiere, the tuner has also released its work on the brand new M2 Competition, the M2`s more potent sibling.

The process of upgrading a BMW is not easy and comes with a series of challenges at the exterior. What technicians did first was installing an in-house built stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes, which provides the new ride with “a sporty-sonorous and unmistakable” sound.

Next is the adding of a new spring set which lowers the car`s ride height and increases its stability, while the new brakes with 400 mm discs and 8-piston calipers ensure improved braking in tight corners or at high-speeds. Also, to improve handling and drive, a new set of club-sport coil-overs were also fitted.

A couple of visual adjustments were also required in order to cope with the higher power. They are also important to improve aerodynamics and thus increase the car`s sprint from standstill to 100 km/h. These refer to bespoke front spoiler lip with side flaps, 9 x 20-inch and 10.5 x 20-inch, front and rear wheels, as well as custom rear spoiler and of course, a rear wing for more downforce.

The result is the two stages of power available on the model in question. The first brings the car to a total of 510 PS and 700 Nm of torque, while the second power kit refers to an impressive 540 PS and 730 Nm of torque.

With the new visual enhancements and mechanics, and with the factory speed limited removed, this lad here is capable of achieving incredible accelerations.

Dahler has also released an impressive media gallery which details its latest creation. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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