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BMW M850i – Tuning By Manhart – The Monster MH8 600!

Do you have a BMW M850i ​​and do you want to give it an aftermarket tuning to become faster and like a monster? The solution is Manhart, the prestigious tuner that has its location in Wuppertal, Germany. Once you go with the M850i in their garage, Manhart will take care to add some technical modifications to the engine and also equip the exterior design with a lot of new things offering a look much more aggresive and eye-catching.

Manhart offers a package called “MH8 600”, strictly for the BMW M850i. What does this package contain? Well, first of all it gives your car much more horsepower, 621hp and 870Nm, compared to 530hp and 750Nm as the factory version comes with, but that’s not all! This package also includes the following: H&R suspension, 21-inch Manhart alloy wheels, front and rear bumpers made of hiqh quality carbon fiber, a new muffler at the back that is also made from carbon fiber material and some gold stripes all over the car that will tell you everything about it, supremacy! All of these were added to give a better version of the stock BMW M850i to be at least as good as the future M8 is going to be released in 2019.

2019 BMW M850i Tuning By Manhart – MH8 600

Let’s talk about the acceleration of this monster. Given the improvements made by Manhart to this BMW M850i, the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is done 0.5s faster than the stock version that accelerates in 3.6s, which is impressive. It accelerates nearly 3.0s to 100km/h.

Congrats Manhart for your hard work getting this car to a new level that offers much more aggressive driving and adrenaline to the driver. We can call it “The Monster”!

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