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Arclight Fabric: Andrew Kaufman’s Quite Not So Little Dallas Secret

BMWs have always had the following as an indispensable market philosophy: “Safety, reliability, technology, and humanity.” The company has always given everything for the consumption of customers with the most modern in cars, both in design and presentation.

The catalogue of options for a BMW model car is so vast that it allows the perfect and completely adequate coupling of products from other important brands. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter your taste and demands, the most important thing is that the satisfaction will be more than guaranteed.

A BMW model in particular, the BMW M550i xDrive (), have sold to date millions, its dynamic, resilient, modern, equipped and safe. Its motorization is of another level, of an incredible power and a work of the highest standard of quality and has good times after multiple test runs.

BMW M550i

A BMW is undoubtedly unique and unmatched, although Aaron Kaufman has undoubtedly taken a step forward to be at the forefront, and with the highest standards. Who is Aaron Kaufman? He has been on television and continues to renew all kinds of vehicles week after week, but what has made him known to fans and car lovers is that Kaufman has created his own store: .

Employees work hard to the best of their ability, select auto parts have been manufactured and carefully selected. Ford vehicle components predominate.

Ford F100

You’ll see some examples that will catch your eye: and .

Ford F100 (2)

Andrew Kaufman has made Dallas, Texas the main center of operations for arclight fabrication, every car lover who wants to have his vehicle ready to compete knows well that he has to appear there to be part of the action.

The place has been giving news of wanting to expand to many corners away not only from the United States, but also from the world, it has come to know that there are plans to create a major subsidiary even in South Africa. And the auto parts they sell have been seen and always been present in major car competitions not only in the United States but also in other countries around the world, such as Mexico, Spain, Germany, and even in the Middle East.

The site operates five days a week, Monday through Friday. Working hours are from 9am to 6pm, Andrew Kaufman doesn’t spend all his time there, among so many commitments, but the responsibility has been delegated to Rachel, she takes care of everything there, guided tours, merchandise management, arranges all kinds of promotions and interviews, and even interacts with buyers, it’s something they enjoy.

The best thing is that Andrew Kaufman and the auto parts offered for sale in his garage cars that give the opportunity to present to the world worthy vehicles for the public regardless of whether they are lovers, enthusiasts, the average consumer or someone not completely familiar with cars all have room and enjoy a good ford or at least the auto parts offered in the treasure of car lovers in Dallas.

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