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BMW 8 series G14/G15 – Tuning by HAMANN

A ride on the BMW 8 Series G14/G15 will surely set you for blood rushing excitement. A unique and exclusive sports vehicle for owners with the finest taste and affluence, this vehicle features a sleek design and comes loaded with the power to offer the finest driving experience. The standing of the car becomes all the more formidable with its HAMANN Tuning. If you have been looking for the best-in-class sports car, considering the unique features in this car, you will hardly come across a better alternative. The vehicle will impress you from all the aspects like engineering, style, comfort as well as aesthetics.

An overview of the Hamann Tunning

As obvious with Hamann Tunning, even in these models, the rims will be the main aspect for the tunning. Another formidable point that deserves a special mention is about the striking shades. You have options to pick from alternatives like Black line, Hyper Silver as well as Graphite Gray. Use of such unique shades for the rim is what crafts a unique look for the car.

The manufacturer takes special care about the Tunning parts of the 8 Series Vehicles

The point that impresses the car enthusiasts about the BMW 8 Series G14/15 Vehicles is the attention paid on the tunning parts. The features the unique Hanmann Pedals that comes with automated transmission aspects. Another appreciable job on the part of the manufacturer is the choice of anodised Aluminum materials in the construction of these pedals. This comprehensive step ensures the safety to the passengers as well. It itself is a solid reason for you to invest in these vehicles.

Hamann Wheel Rim tunning

BMW 8 Series G15 – Tuning by Hamann

In addition to its exclusive range, Hamann tunning emphasizes on the optimum functionality, cutting-edge technology, and most importantly, it adopts aesthetics to the highest extent. The manufacturer, understanding the fact that a powerful car demands powerful wheels to ensure the optimum performance and comprehensive road safety, takes the adequate measure to offer the drivers the capacity to control the car within the minimum surface area. This is why the aspect of tuning becomes so important.

The adoption of lightweight and state-of-art technology ensures the perfect balance between the aspects of durability and low weight. This combination guarantees the best response of the suspensions with the highest stability, an inevitable factor for the Hamann Models.

Hamann offers 3 extravagant ranges of wheel for the best in class vehicles. Each of these ranges imposes on the vehicles some unique attributes and makes these vehicles truly a class itself.

Sleek and trim yet robust construction

The dimension of the wheelbase is 111.1 inches, while the length of the cars is around 191 inches. As for the width and height, the figures are 74.9 and 52.8 inches, respectively. The weight of the convertible models is around 2,090 Kgs, along with the fluid. The unladen weight of the coupe model vehicles is around 1900 KGs. Thus, it will be right to state that the cars feature sleek & trim as well as sturdy construction.

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