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DIY: How To Paint Car Wheels Like a Pro

Painting the car wheel is a really a good proposal as it enhances the style and appearance of the car. Most importantly, when you paint your car, you can prevent the chances of rusting to a great extent. Though, there are the professional service providers to handle this task, if you have time, you can certainly give a try to do it yourself. This will not only save a significant amount of money, but, you will do something creative, and it will show, you care for your vehicle. Here come the tips about painting the BMW wheel yourself.

Start with cleaning and sanding the car wheel

Clean and Sanding Car Wheel

To start, you need to take out the tire out of the wheel, and eliminate the air valve. Once done, before you start to paint, you need cleaning and sanding the car wheel. This can be done by cleaning the wheel with soap and water. This will eliminate all the dust, debris and rust, and will enable you identify if there are any dents or chips on the wheel. If found, it should be fixed, before you apply paint on the BMW wheel. Subsequently, you need to clean the wheels with grease remover and wax. This will clear off all those unwanted stuffs that were not cleared with soap and water. The last step is about sanding the BMW wheel that eliminates rust as well as old paints and debris stuck on the wheel. Once done, was the wheel with water and let it dry completely.

The Preparation for Painting the car wheel

Once the car wheel dries up completely, you need to pick a suitable location to apply the paint. It should be done in a clean and ventilated space as it will eliminate all the dust as well as excess paints applied to the BMW wheels. You should ideally apply a layer of tape around the paint surface perimeter, subsequently covering the entire wheel with a plastic wrap. This will spare the wheel from excess paintings.

Painting the Car wheel

Now, it is the time to start the painting process. You should apply a layer of primer on the BMW wheel that will ensure that the wheel adequately absorb the paint and prevents rusting. In addition, applying a layer or primer, you can give an even texture to the paint. Now, start the painting process that will be ideal to be done with spray painting technique. Usually, 3 layers of paint should be applied to the car wheels. Ensure that the paint is spared evenly and in an even motion, which is not too fast or excessively slow. Once these steps are done, you need to polish the BMW wheel to conclude the car wheel painting process.

While, painting the car, you should always use protective gears and maintain a safe distance between the stream of paint and your eyes and mouth. These steps will enable you to complete the car wheel painting process in a hassle free manner, enhancing its appearance and look.

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