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The Best Ways to Clean Your BMW Car Professionally (DIY)

What is the simplest yet the most effective way to display that you love your BMW car and you care for it? If you aspire that your car retains a perfect and appreciable look, cleaning the car at regular intervals becomes the most important. The best thing is that, if you manage a fair extent of time and effort at your end, you can escape the needs to opt for the professional car washing services every time, and this way you can incur some significant extent of savings as well. Here comes a few tricks and tips that will enable you to clean your BMW just like a Pro.

Always stick to the 3 bucket system

The last thing that you can accept with your car cleaning regime is using the dirty water. So, you need to stick to the 3 Bucket system, wherein the first bucket will include Soapy water and the last 2 should include clean and clear water. You need to retain the 3rd bucket exclusively for the parts like the wheels, the brake shoes and other parts that stand the maximum chances to catch dust, dirt and debris.

You cannot just use any cleaning material available in the market

BMW Care Products

The market in contemporary times is loaded with inexhaustible options on car cleaning solutions. However, not all the solutions are suitable for use in all instances. Before you buy any as such products, check the label to ensure that it is suitable for use in your car. All brands of car these days endorses, or offers exclusive cleaning solutions, and you need to stick to it.

Always escape the use of harsh chemical for car cleaning that will cause irreversible damages to the car. Opt for cleaning agents like mild shampoos, soaps or vinegar solution to produce the best cleaning outcome.

Be regular with the cleaning regime

Cleaning the BMW once in a blue moon is not the solicited approach. Rather, you need to clean the car at regular intervals that will check the accumulation of the stubborn debris and dusts. Now, you need to decide the frequency for cleaning based on the weather condition and conditions of the roads on which you drive. For instance, during the rainy and winter months, you need to clean the cars at shorter intervals.

Pay attention to the details while cleaning the car

You cannot afford to take a superficial approach, while cleaning the BMW. Rather, it is expected that you pay attention to the smallest detail, if you want the best cleaning outcome. Don’t try to rush through the process as it will never produce the desired outcome.

From time to time, follow up the cleaning process with polishing and waxing the car body. This will retain the shine and gloss for the longest time. You can instant car polishing and waxing solutions available at the market for inexpensive rates. Ideally, these processes should be repeated 3 to 4 times in a year. With these simple tricks you will be able to retain the best appearance of the BMW car for sure.

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