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What are the Benefits of Thatcham GPS Trackers over Regular Vehicle Trackers?

Developments in GPS technology have reshaped entire business industries and had a massive effect on the way we live our lives. One of the most important advances resulting from was the introduction of personal locators, vehicle tracking devices and fleet management systems that keep our family members and vehicles safe. Vehicle theft is a serious problem across the UK, soaring by over 50% in the last five years, with adept thieves mainly targeting newer vehicles. Car thieves quickly learnt how to exploit emerging vehicle security technologies such as keyless entry systems to break into vehicles and quickly steal the contents or the vehicle itself. It’s normal to leave a vehicle without any form of supervision, but this leaves them vulnerable against the prolific criminals in the UK. While you’re at home or work thinking your brand-new vehicle’s built-in security measures will protect it, criminals can use inexpensive and easily accessible ‘relay boxes’ to gain entry to your vehicle and drive away with it in under a minute.


With this emerging crime wave, the vehicle security industry had to become more creative and come up with more effective security systems. The pinnacle of vehicle security systems in the UK are Thatcham-accredited vehicle trackers, which undergo rigorous testing and meet stringent criteria set by Thatcham Research Centre. Although pricier than regular tracking systems, Thatcham vehicle trackers offer significant benefits over their ordinary counterparts, making them an important investment for both high-end vehicle owners and business managers who operate vehicle fleets. Unfortunately, many unaccredited vehicle trackers are not able to protect vehicles from experienced thieves; only Thatcham approved insurance trackers offer a fighting chance against criminals.

For a vehicle tracking system to obtain Thatcham accreditation, it has to pass strict testing procedures and uphold the high-quality standards of the prestigious company. Among the extensive security features offered by Thatcham trackers, the most prominent benefits and features for both individual vehicle owners and business managers are insurance cost reductions, vehicle theft recovery, 24-hour monitoring, remote immobilisation and driver recognition.

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• In the UK, the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre – more commonly known as Thatcham Research – is the authority on testing vehicle tracking systems and vehicle-related security products for the automotive industry.

• Vehicle tracking systems have to pass rigorous testing procedures and quality analysis to be approved by Thatcham.

• Insurance providers offer major discounts for vehicles with a Thatcham vehicle tracker onboard due to the reliability of the system and the advanced theft recovery methods.

• World-leading car manufacturers recommend the installation of Thatcham-approved GPS trackers to provide optimum vehicle protection.

• After the approval process, Thatcham Research classifies vehicle tracking systems based on the level of security and the features they offer. As of January 2019, Thatcham uses three classification categories for vehicle tracking systems: S7, S5 and S5+.

Why should business owners invest in Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers?

Vehicle and cargo theft are major issues for fleet businesses and greatly increase operational costs. Although even entry-level GPS tracking systems allow fleet businesses to check the location of their employees on the road and improve the efficiency of a logistics operation, Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking systems offer increased benefits for fleet managers by:

• Lowering annual insurance expenses by up to 30%,

• Sending faster medical or roadside assistance with the help of the tracking company’s monitoring centre,

• Reducing unauthorised vehicle use with driver recognition tags,

Preventing theft of cargo and vehicles with effective security measures as well as recovering stolen vehicles quickly.


are far superior to any other vehicle security system in the UK. While the drastic difference in both quality and security measures increases the price of these advanced devices, the difference in cost is insignificant compared to the level of security they provide and the price of your vehicles. These nifty gadgets offer enhanced security and effective anti-tampering measures that drastically lower the amount of cargo theft and prevent the theft of even vulnerable commercial vehicles. With over 95% recovery rate, it’s almost impossible for a thief to get away with a vehicle that has a Thatcham-approved tracker onboard. In fact, the recovery rate is so high that these sophisticated devices are often called “insurance trackers”.

Even if an experienced and adept car thief manages to get away with your vehicle, the tracking company’s monitoring centre will collaborate with local police forces to assist you in recovering your pride and joy. Recovery can be as quick as a few hours, with a good chance of the perpetrators being caught and arrested. Whether you own a fleet business or drive an expensive high-end vehicle, Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers are the only way to guarantee their security.

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