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Upcoming BMW iX3 Photos Leaked Online

The BMW iX3 is no more a secret as photos have recently been leaked online. The crossover SUV’s images were posted on an Instagram account without camouflage earlier this week. We already had spy shots of the upcoming vehicle and now it seems the insta leak has confirmed our doubts.

BMW iX3 (2)

The BMW iX3 can be seen with its huge black signature kidney grille and addition of aero slits on the sides for better stability at high speeds. The geometrically shaped star-like wheels are a welcome addition as well as the blue-colored side skirts. Fortunately, the production model of the iX3 resembles the concept model that BMW had unveiled back in 2018. Concept models rarely get to go into production but with the upcoming iX3 EV it is different.

BMW iX3 (Front)

It was reported a few months ago that the EV might not live up to standards in terms of its range. The concept was introduced with a 273-mile range confirmed with a WLTP test, which is respectable but not the best. BMW might add a variant that has longer EV range but that is not confirmed for now. Furthermore, the BMW iX3 will not have the highly desirable all-wheel-drive system. The AWD system gives a crossover SUV an edge over a sedan and makes it more desirable for customers who are starting to prefer small-sized vehicles. The iX3 will have a 74-kilowatt per hour battery that will power the rear wheels and produce 286 hp as well as 296 lb-ft of torque.

BMW iX3 (Rear)

However, given all the disadvantages, the iX3 crossover SUV is a step forward for both BMW and the automobile industry. BMW is hoping to add a string of new electric vehicles to its lineup with 25 EVs in its roster by 2023. The iX3 is one of the first to be added with the BMW iNext and i4 sedan to follow soon.

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