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BMW M5 Graces the Set of Mission Impossible 7

Car manufacturers have a way of advertising their products by signing partnerships with big movie franchises. Aston Martin has James Bond and BMW has Mission Impossible. The German manufacturer has had a relationship with the Mission Impossible franchise since 2011 with many of their vehicles being used throughout the 6 movies previously filmed. We even saw a motorcycle chase in the movie that involved a BMW motorcycle so the partnership goes pretty deep.

BMW M5 Graces the Set of Mission Impossible 7

This time a BMW M5 was spotted at the sets of the upcoming movie Mission Impossible 7. A recent YouTube video showed the lead actor Tom Cruise driving what looked like a BMW 5 series. On closer inspection, it is revealed that the car is the M5 with its quad exhausts and stylish rear diffuser. What’s more, the M5 was specially modified to fit the requirements of the scene. A camera rig was installed on the roof while the doors were removed to reduced distractions in the shot.

Tom Cruise reportedly does his stunts but given that the action-packed scenes were shot in the narrow streets of Rome, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if a stunt driver was used.

BMW M5 Graces the Set of Mission Impossible 7

Furthermore, it is not just the sporty M5 that is part of the entire scene but two other supercars are used as ‘chase vehicles’. The well-known and highly acclaimed Nissan GT-R and the Porsche Cayenne both donned in black were also fitted with cameras to allow the filming of the BMW M5 chase.

Mission Impossible 7 is still in filming and it is expected that post-production will begin soon. The movie was expected to grace cinema screens all across the globe on June 23rd, 2021 but the Coronavirus pandemic brought proceedings to a halt. All filming activities were brought to a standstill as the world fought against the virus. The re-shoot began as soon as the virus dimmed down and as a result, the release date is not shifted to 19 November 2021.

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