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2023 BMW iX1 Crossover SUV

The crossover market is booming, with manufacturers bringing in new and improved models every year. BMW is not far behind the competition, and this time, they are looking to go one step ahead by introducing an all-electric version of their famous X1 crossover. The 2023 BMW iX1 SUV is in its testing phase and the vehicle will soon be revealed once the final stages are complete.

2023 BMW iX1 Spy Shot

The iX1 comes in direct competition with Volkswagen’s ID4. BMW hopes to not only beat, but surpass its rivals in the market, which is why the iX1 prototype is under testing so early. The iX1 will be a part of the upcoming third-generation X1, and it will be lined up with the gasoline, diesel, and hybrid variants. However, BMW will release the electric-vehicle a bit later as a 2023 model.   

The BMW iX1 will become one of the nine EVs to join the company’s line-up by 2025. The crossover will join the likes of the i5 and i7 sedans in the BMW line-up. It will serve as the stepping stone for BMW to infiltrate the electric crossover market and better its chances for the future. The SUV’s size makes it a very popular offering for the young generation. This is one segment that the company hopes to tap shortly.

BMW has not confirmed the crossover’s specs, but we can expect the 80 kWh battery pack to power the 282 hp single motor system. The same setup can be found in the larger iX3, and there it offers 285 miles of range. The iX1 will surely churn out more since it is smaller and lighter than its larger cousin.

The 2023 BMW iX1 will also get attractive styling to match its specifications, and it will sit atop a modified UKL platform. The inside cabin will feature some of the latest infotainment features and offer a premium feel for the driver and passengers.

Image Source: InsideEVs

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