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BMW is the most popular car manufacturer brand on the internet

According to a recent analysis, BMW is the most popular car brand on the internet. To perform this analysis, Google search statistics for over 60 car brands were taken into account.

The Polish company Picodi, specialized in market analysis, did a research based on a comparison of Google searches of 64 car brands in the period 2017-2021, to see which are the most searched car brands on the internet.

The data processing showed that BMW enjoys the highest popularity in Europe, standing out in searches in 15 countries. These include Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The second place, in terms of popularity, is occupied by Mercedes-Benz. The Stuttgart manufacturer was the most popular car brand in 10 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania, Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Users in Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Latvia prefer the Toyota brand.

Volkswagen and Tesla are tied for fourth place. If the American manufacturer is a leader in Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, Spanish, Italian, Belarusian and Ukrainian residents prefer Volkswagen.

Hyundai has established itself in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The French and Danes were conquered by Peugeot, and Renault is the most sought after brand in Turkey. Not surprisingly, Volvo is at the top of the Swedish rankings.

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