BMW X6M Tuning

BMW X6 M50d by Hamann – fast, but fuel – conscious

Do you like the BMW X6? I almost hear contradictory answers. I know the late BMW models aren’t of everyone’s taste. But no one can say they aren’t sporty. And when a tuner like Hamann makes it even sportier, the proverbial joy of driving becomes the ecstasy of racing!

I wrote before about the Hamann modifications over the X6. But back then, a gasoline engine was involved. But not any gasoline engine. The mother of all the X6’s engines, the V8, 4.4 liter turbo one. Equipping the X6M V8, it deliveres stellar performance, but adjusted by the famous german tuner, it transforms the coupe-SUV into a rocket: 640 hp and 840 Nm @2200 – 5000 rpm.

Lately, Hamann started to work at the top-diesel powertrain from the Bavarian manufacturer: the 3 liter, turbo-diesel V6, which equips the M50d. In its standard configuration, it returns 381 hp and 740 Nm, enough to propel the crossover to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds. But that’s only the beginning. After the modifications, Hamann did what it does best: raising the power to 455 hp and 890 Nm. Let’s not forget that we deal with a 2993 cmc engine! That’s an impressive 152 hp / liter!

There’s nothing known about the acceleration or top speed, but looking at the original 0-100 km/h time of 5.2 seconds, we can only imagine (and hope) that a just over 4 seconds could be realistic for this 2.3 tonnes monster.

Well, 2.3 tones in standard version. However, Hamann installed its famous carbon fiber engine hood, which saves 10 kg and a 23 inch lightweight wheels, together with other small weight-saving elements. The body kit widens the SUV by 12 cm, together with its front and rear tracks. Combining it with the suspension kit, which lowers the body, and, therefore, the center of gravity, you have the complete image of a super-stable sports car.

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