F80 BMW M3 by Cartech is all about contrast

BMW M3 is a fast car, no doubt about it. It’s (one of) the fastest car in its class, and, also, one of the easiest to upgrade. As a result, many tuners did it: some of them with good results, others with excellent achievements.

Today, it’s Cartech’s turn to show its skills. They didn’t touch the engine. And that’s not a tragedy, as the original 3 liter turbo does a superb job in fast moving the M3. It does 60 mph in only 3.9 seconds, thanks to the fantastic DCT gearbox, and it covers a kilometer from standing still in 22.2 seconds, faster than…let’s say a 2006 Corvette Z06.

That says much about the F80 M3’s powertrain. And if we look at the great 550 Nm torque, available from 1850 to 5500 rpm, there are few reasons why this engine would need an upgrade. Therefore, Cartech concentrated on the body elements, building a car with more appeal than the original.

They took an original M Performance kit, including front spoiler lip and side mirrors caps, and sprayed them in satin black. This way, the glossy carbon fiber roof and the black wheels don’t feel alone anymore. The powerful contrast between the white color of the body and the black design elements ensures a special presence.

Speaking of wheels, a 20 inch set of HRE FF01 Flowform rims, with thin spokes, leaves the perforated brake discs and the blue calipers exposed. They fit flawlessly in the wheel arches, thanks to the KW suspension kit, which helps the car achieving a perfect, bold stance.

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