F87 BMW M2 with Supersprint exhaust

What does it take to be a BMW M exhaust? The most important feature has to be the resistance to heat. Because the M division engines release very hot exhaust gas. Then, of course, the sound must be on par with the engine’s power. It should also improve the original exhaust’s note, to worth replacing it. And, let’s face it, this is a difficult set of tasks.

Not to mention that a proper exhaust system for an M BMW must have a better flow than the factory one. The first logical upgrade is the M Performance exhaust, where the BMW engineers shook their hands with the Akrapovic specialists, to obtain that specific sound.

However, there could be a better option: the Supersprint exhaust. How does it sound a German car with an Italian exhaust? Well, you can listen it in the following film, uploaded on youtube by the exhaust manufacturer.

The system features two selectable modes, depending on the driver’s mood: silent and loud. A switch opens and closes the exhaust valves, either letting the noise out, or dissipating it into the silencers. The result is like having two cars in one: a silent Bimmer, for cruising on the autobahn, and a loud beast, for the days when you feel a little Schumi. Take your foot off the gas, and you’ll hear the pops in the scariest way possible.

The whole system consists of an all-new downpipe with a less restrictive catalytic converter, front and center pipes, and a pair of rear exhausts, with 4 chromed tailpipes, 80 mm in diameter each. The cost of the entire system is 5,000 €.

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