BMW X6M Tuning

BMW X6 M Hulk Tuning no 2

Russia is really getting pumped up on the automotive car scene. As the luxury cars get ever more popular there, the need to stand out becomes more obvious.

Surprisingly, not many established tuners have set up shop in the former leader of the Soviet Union but that’s not a problem.

Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk
Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk

Russian tuners do it their own way. Even when, like in this case, they’re starting with a car customized by somebody as popular as Hamann.

This big and chunky BMW X6 M was fast and furious ever since it left the factory floor. With Hamann tuning’s handy work it became an evolutionary model.

So what was there left to do? Make it look as if a 12 year old boy thought it up and then take off the machine guns. After all, in Russia, those go on the inside.

Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk
Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk

In case somebody’s retinas are not protected, that’s unfortunate for them; the owner decided to get inspired by the Hulk X6 M and go for a wrap by RES.

Obviously, it had to be one of those green chrome wraps, the likes that couldn’t go unnoticed even if behind a mushroom cloud.

The hood also receives the obligatory carbon fiber foil coverage to maximize the effect. Interestingly, what’s under it remains a bit of a mystery.

Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk
Hamann BMW X6 M Hulk

Obviously the engine cover is not the standard one but it’s unclear if the 4.4 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine pumps out the standard juice or goes to the Hamann cocktail.

It’s very hard to say no to 670 horsepower, but the price of a conversion such as that can change your mind easily.


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