BMW M5 Mi5Sion by Hamann

In case you didn’t know, the German Hamann tuner created a limited edition of BMW M5 Mi5Sion models, the sports car being amongst the most preferred models in Dubai or Moscow, and failing to sell big in Europe or other parts of the world.

The BMW M5 Mi5Sion is a unique model that comes with the most insane body kit ever fitted on a BMW, which for some might have seemed too much in terms of design. And indeed, you might look at it as if you were looking at a lower Range Rover Evoque, rather than a pure BMW stallion.

This one seen here in London, is completely changed, wearing the out-of-the-ordinary front bumper with LEDs and grille inserts, along with custom kidney grilles or hood while the front wings almost entirely cover up the headlights. Additional features refer to the new side skirts, boot lid wing, and updated rear bumper with the one-off diffuser.

In the engine department, the BMW M5 Mi5Sion packs the stock 4.4-liter petrol V8 turbo engine, which develops a rough 560 horsepower, between 6000 rpm and 7000 rpm, and an astonishing 680 Nm of torque, between 1500 rpm and 5750 rpm, hooked to an automatic seven-speed with sequential mode.

The sports car is also extremely fast, managing just 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

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