BMW M3 Tuning

F80 BMW M3 by Bavsound

This isn’t a story about a particular BMW model. This is, maybe for the first time in our site’s history, a story about a sound company that upgrades all the BMW’s sound system.

The story started twelve years ago, with three young BMW enthusiasts. They bought a used Bimmer, but its sound system didn’t raised to their expectations. Instead of searching for a company to help them, the guys decided to take the problem into their own hands.

Jason Seaver, together with his two friends, Micah and Coby Cranman, took few pieces of fiberglass and a new stereo and brought extra power and fidelity to the stock sound system. Since then, the snowball rolled, gaining size, until the small company became a respected name in industry.

And the name transformed itself into a brand: Bavsound. They needed a demo car, to show off their work, and they bought an F80 BMW M3, garnished with Individual Package. To add extra elegance, they opted for Messing Metallic, a color that changes its spectrum between green, grey and brown, depending on the light direction. Inside, the Nutmeg Brown leather upholstery looks elegant, yet intriguing.

Travelling across the US, to present the sound system to the dealers, added over 20.000 miles to the odometer in only few months. However, the car couldn’t be left as it was, that’s why the Bavsound team fitted some M Performance components: a front lip, a pair of modified M4 side sills, a rear diffuser and a trunk spoiler sets this item apart from the crowd. The BMW Titanium Valve Exhaust finishes the job in a glorious way, adding together style and sound.

There remained only one detail to be taken care of: the wheels. The crew decided that the best match for its car is…two different pairs! In front, a pair of 19×10 inch HRE 501 M is surrounded by 275/30ZR19 tyres, while in the rear, the 19×11 501 Classic rims look wide, wrapped in 295/30ZR19 tyres. The effect is amplified by the low ride, result of the new set of H&R coilovers.

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