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Reminder G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS

Rumor has it that the F30 BMW M3 would be unveiled in less than two months. Before that’s over the E92 M3 is still here and still making a name for itself.

None of the countless variations made of it were ever more impressive or faster than the BMW M3 GTS.

G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS
G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS

This vehicle is so impressive on such a number of levels you can’t really explain what makes it special without looking like a easily impressionable fanboy.

Not that the BMW M3 GTS has ever been described as lacking in power but the Germans at G-Power aren’t so called because they like handling.

Enter a SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger kit and a whole lot of other performance mods which would make the 4.0 liter V8 now develop 710 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque.

G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS
G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS

Apart from being nicely rounded, these figures carry a specific importance. According to many tuning experts that’s about as much power you can have on a BMW M3 chassis and still enjoy the handling.

So you get to keep the great handling but this time you can now go from 0 to 62 in 3.7 seconds and the top speed figure goes all the way up to 205 mph.

With those figures, it’s no surprise to see how the folks over at G-Power have placed quite the price tag on their Tornado RS package.

G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS
G-Power BMW M3 Tornado RS

No less than 47.700 USD is what the tuning kit alone will cost you. You should consider that this doesn’t include the actual cost of the car (which is quite rare and difficult to get) or the fitting.

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